How Does It Work?

The concept is simple. Let’s say you book a room at a Hilton property, and within 24 hours you find the same exact room & details being advertised at a lower price. Through the Best Rate Guarantee, the Hilton is obligated to offer the room at an even lower cost. Policies vary depending on the hotel, but most will either beat the price, or match it with additional compensation. Some hotels will even be so generous as to match the rate in addition to a free night’s stay.

The Best Rate Guarantee appears to be a win-win. Hotels are able to protect revenues without paying commission fees to third party sites, while customers get their room at the lowest available cost. Take this with a grain of salt, however, since customers often end up paying the normal rate even when the hotel does have a Best Rate Guarantee.

What’s The Catch?

When developing their own version of the Best Rate Guarantee, each chain has done their due diligence in keeping the details hidden in the fine print. Depending on where and how you book your room, you may have missed the opportunity as soon as you checked out. For example, if you book your room as part of a package booking, and it includes airfare and any other extras, you are typically considered ineligible to receive the Best Rate Guarantee. Other circumstances that may deem you ineligible could include group rates or corporate rates that have already been accounted for.