Further Tips highly recommends that you take several screenshots of the lower rates and cancellation policies of the lower rates found. Most of the chains will accept screenshots, and these can only help to improve your chances at successfully getting the Best Rate Guarantee.

Keep a copy of what you submit to the Best Rate Guarantee team if possible. Most chains will respond with your original query visible, however some do not. Always be courteous and polite when dealing with the Best Rate Guarantee teams, it will only hinder your chances if you are not.

If you get denied initially or your query is taking far longer than they advertise then take to social media! Social media is great for exactly these types of situations. Tweeting @ or posting on an official Facebook of a Hotel chains social media pages is highly recommended by Most of the time you will receive a timely response, along with the added advantage of presenting it publicly where other potential customers can see the exchange.

We hope that these Best Rate Guarantee Tips are useful!